Meade's Art Studio
Margaret is an outstanding art teacher.  My daughter has been taken art lessons for over a
year now and she loves it.  She learned so much from Margaret that she actually got a
scholarship to a private high school.  She teaches in all different medias and is a highly
experienced artist. We highly recommend Margaret Meade Art Studio

Carolyn Z (Mother)    July 2018
For many years I had heard and seen artwork from students of different ages that
had or were taking art classes at Meade's Art Studio. A year and a half ago I decided
it was time for me to start taking art classes.  That was the best phone call I made,
always looking forward for my next class.  What I like the best, is that not only you are
tought by a professional artist, Margaret encourages you to use your imagination,
choose what you would like to paint or draw and also get to try different medias,  
which has given me the opportunity to learn other techniques.
In every class I keep learning. Thank you Margaret for being such a wonderful

Rachel F  Clifton            September 2017
I have been taking art lessons from Mrs Meade for past three years. She teaches one on
one with intense interest. I have improved my art with her techniques in many different
medias like acrylic,water colors, pastels and pencils. She challenges the art work by
creating our own and not copying .My daughter started classes with her first and her
significant improvement made me join Mead's art studio.

Sonal M.                 May 2016                   Herndon,
I have been taking art lessons from Margaret for a number of years now.  I couldn't draw
the proverbial straight line when I went to class the first time.I would have never believed
when I started that I would one day create credible works in color pencil, acrylic,
watercolor and pastel.  Margaret has a depth of knowledge of art and color that is way
beyond the average art teacher.  I look forward to my class each week.
Lynn P                         September 2016                    Fairfax
My name is Barbara. My husband Richard discovered Margaret Meade's Art Studio on
the Internet and surprised me with a gift of lessons. What a fabulous choice! Although I
was a complete beginner, any anxiety I felt was immediately erased by Mrs. Meade's
patience and enthusiasm. After teaching me many colored pencil techniques through
example and helpful suggestions, I completed my first "masterpiece" and moved on to
acrylics. I am now exploring pastels. Mrs. Meade is not only an expert artist but an
amazingly gifted teacher. I eagerly anticipate my weekly class and would highly
recommend this instructor to anyone who wishes to delve into the creative wonders of
art. The class is suitable for both beginning and advanced artists.

Barbara W         Chantilly VA       July 2016
I have taken art lessons from Margaret Meade for the past 15 years.The reason I
continue to join her art class is because there is always a new technique she employs
in her class. She has an acute sense of looking at a work of art and immediately
identifying what needs to be done to enhance the work. The end result is pleasing and
everyone is amazed to witness how the smallest stroke of paint at a strategic place on
the canvas can transform a painting into something wonderful  and leave the artist with
a great sense of accomplishment.

Constance R.                 Chantilly VA                   April 2016
I started with this studio having purchased a Groupon series in 2013.  I had recently
retired and had never taken an art class ever!  Margaret Meade started me with the
basics of geometry and design. Before the end of the Groupon trial I was hooked. I
have been taking classes ever since.  She encourages each student to work in any
medium (except oils due to chemicals) desired. I have completed works in pencil,
pastel, acrylic and watercolor. She always encourages her students to challenge
ourselves with new art and levels of difficulty.  She teaches by example, gives positive
feedback and has given me a creative outlet I did not realize existed. I have much to
learn and will continue to take classes as long as she teaches.

Bobbie J..        Ashburn VA       November 2016
Margaret taught me to see the shapes that exist everywhere around us. I began to
observe what I hadn’t truly noticed before. Of course, translating that onto paper was
another story. The biggest challenge was overcoming my fear, and it’s something I
continue to face almost every time I begin a new piece. But Margaret’s guidance,
laughter, encouragement and the camaraderie of the other women there helped open
a new path to my creativity.

Trude L.    Former Student        Bainbrigde Island, WA   December 2018