Dear Mrs.Meade,
I wanted to thank you for all you have done for my daughter, Rebecca. She has been a
student in your art program for over five years. During that time, you have helped her
experience different media and worked with her to define which areas are “hers”. It is so
obvious that your love for art and children is such a strong motivating force. Your
encouragement has really kept her going. I feel confident that she will be able to use her
talents for many years. You are so flexible in class scheduling. We would have missed several
lessons if not for your make up policy.
My daughter is in high school now and has selected art as her elective. She is the star of the
class yet doesn’t feel challenged. Thank you for helping her unlock her gift of art. She will
continue with your classes because they are not only rewarding and self-satisfying but she
continues to learn so much and feels the challenge that is not’t present in her other class.

Pat. W.     Mother          Centreville, VA                  January, 2013
Meade's Art Studio
A Gifted Teacher
My preteen daughter feels that she has found the perfect art teacher.  She looks forward to
her private 2 hour session every week.  She comes home beaming with confidence and
inspiration; often explaining details of the particular piece she is working on.
Mrs. Meade is a true artisan and a gifted teacher.  Her lessons include many types of
mediums, which allows her students the opportunity to experience different techniques,
creative styles and skills.  Mrs. Meade has inspired my daughter to try new things she once
thought impossible to accomplish.  Although my daughter is only in the 7th grade, (started
lessons in the 5th) Mrs. Meade is helping her create an art portfolio of her work so that she
will be prepared for future internships, summer programs, or college applications.  We are
very fortunate to have found such a passionate teacher and mentor for my daughter.

Julie. P.  Mother         Fairfax, VA        December, 2012
When I first started taking classes with Mrs. Meade, I was new to art. I had only been taking it for
a few years in school, and I certainly wasn’t getting enough individualized attention. I worked with
Mrs. Meade for three years, and I saw a dramatic change in my artistic voice and in my
confidence as an artist. Initially I was not sure of my ability level, and I had trouble drawing from
my imagination. After working with Mrs. Meade, I now have my own artistic style and I know to
trust my own abilities; I also developed my ability to draw images from my imagination. Mrs.
Meade is an incredible artist and teacher. I have recommended her to several of my friends who
now take lessons and they love.

Amanda W.   Former Student   Centreville, VA                             December, 2012
I attended Meade’s Art Studio for more than 11 years—from March 1999 (age 7) to July
2010 (age 18) and had the opportunity to grow as an artist and as a person under the
guidance of Margaret Meade. Throughout the years I learned and mastered various
artistic skills such as shading, sketching, perspective, proportion, and using various artistic
mediums. Each class period fostered my creativity and was exciting to attend because I
was able to choose which artworks and mediums I would work with. Also, by bringing in
personal things such as stuffed animals and vacation photographs to work from, I created
artwork that is truly meaningful to me – artwork that I can treasure forever.
The greatest part of taking art classes from Margaret Meade was learning through
experience at my own pace, rather than through a set curriculum and teaching method.
This approach allowed me to master difficult artistic techniques in a fun and stress-free
way, and taught me that creating artwork is a relaxing and cathartic activity. In addition, I
enjoyed learning with a class of students around my own age rather than one-on-one, as I
was able to make friends and learn from my peers and the feedback they received from
Meade. Another fantastic part of the class is the annual art show that is held. For me, it
served as both a reminder of the progress I made throughout the year, and an opportunity
to see the wonderful works the other students created.

Christina. D.   Former Student             Fairfax                 December, 2012
"We are extremely happy with Meade’s Art Studio - Margaret Meade's teaching methods
provide a solid foundation for her students to refine and improve their artistic skills. Our
daughter’s talent has flourished over the years she has been attending classes with the
Studio and we always look forward to seeing her next piece!"

Brian . F.   Father            Centreville, VA                     December, 2012
I have been attending Meade’s Art Studio for nearly ten years and I can absolutely attest
to the efficacy of Mrs. Meade’s teaching method. Her patience, diligence and peerless
technical expertise make her an excellent teacher, and the individual attention coupled
with the group environment provides a non-stressful yet engaging environment in the
studio. In my experience, students of Mrs. Meade have always distinguished themselves
both in technical competency and emotional maturity, and our portfolios continue to
distinguish us as students, professionals and human beings. I have attended other art
programs in camps, seminars and public and private schools, and none of them have
really even come close to the learning opportunity provided by Mrs. Meade. I have yet to
find the same extensive range of effective techniques taught anywhere else.

Ksusha.M.    Student       Centreville             December, 2012
Students of Meade Art Studio have received numerous awards over the years including Golden Keys, Silver
Keys, Certificates of Merit at the Regional Scholastic Art Awards Program held by the Fairfax County Public
School.  In 2010, 6 students from Meade Art Studio were selected as semi-finalists from a group of  participants
in The Alexander Talbot Rice Art Competition at Wakefield High School in The Plains, Virginia.   Many of
Margaret's students have also obtained college financial scholarships based on their accomplishments in the
field of Art.
My daughter is a student at Meade Art Studios under the skilled guidance of Mrs. Margaret
Meade.  She has been studying art for 9 years and I’ve had the opportunity to watch her
mature into a serious creative artist.  Although young kids can have great natural talent, this
talent requires technical discipline to flourish.  It takes a great teacher to nurture artistic
talents and Mrs. Meade has this ability to guide her students to become great at what they
do.  It is not only my child that I am proud of as a student of Mrs. Meade, all her students
produce such amazing art work. This is abundantly clear when one attends the annual art
show.  I am very grateful my daughter is a student of Meade Art Studios, it is the best
decision made to allow her creative gifts to grow and mature.    

Elizabeth [parent]          February 2013
Margaret Meade has been my daughter’s art instructor for the past several years.  She
offers an open environment in her studio where students are taught and encouraged to
develop their art skills.  She has a great understanding of art and as a knowledgeable and
skilled teacher she gives instruction, support and motivation to each of her students. My
daughter has had a very positive experience working at Meade’s Art Studio and I have
seen her mature into a talented and promising young artist under Margaret’s instruction
and guidance.  Margaret Meade has not only artistic talent but also genuine passions for
helping students reach their full artistic potential.

Constance BS [Mother] February 2013
Mrs. Meade's art classes changed my life. I learned not only the basics and complexities of
many types of media, but also formed the foundation for my artistic expression. Mrs. Meade
was not only my teacher but also my friend. Each week I would look forward to her class and
I always left feeling extremely happy.

Mia. R. attendee from age 7-12 Former Student;  December 2012
One day my daughter came to me and said she would like to take art lessons with her
friend at Meade’s Art Studio.  Little did we know this would open the door to her passion
for art.  Gradually she developed more advanced skills and techniques with Mrs. Meade’
s one on one instruction, guidance and positive feedback.  She enjoyed being able to
pick her subject and medium while working on them at her own pace in a relaxing
environment.  Mrs. Meade’s vast knowledge and expertise in the fine arts gave my
daughter the solid foundation she needed to pursue her love for art in college. After
taking several college level drawing courses, she mentioned that it was evident she had
received a higher level of classical training in the fine arts than her peers. She was able
to study abroad in France one summer and will graduate with a BFA and licensure to
teach art K-12. So what started out as taking an art lesson for fun turned out to be her
future career. Thanks Mrs. Meade for your inspiration!

Sharon.F.       Mother      Herndon, VA         September 2013
The original of
this painting is
at St. Veronica
Catholic Church
in Chantilly, VA
Margaret Meade helped me fulfill my dream of becoming an artist.   I retired and began
my second career at Margaret Meade's Art Studio.  I never had an art lesson.   
Margaret is a wonderful and talented artist.   She loves art and is an excellent teacher.
I am in the adult class for women.  Each student works at her own level with
individualized instruction from Margaret tailored to their individual needs.  She teaches
all mediums and different techniques and skills for each.  She genuinely cares about
us and our growth as an artist.  I learn something new at each class.  She is truly
amazing!  Margaret makes art relaxing and fun.  We are a happy group and have a
terrific time.   The most rewarding part, though, is our finished paintings we complete
as the product of her exceptional teaching expertise.
I look forward to a continued "learning experience" in Margaret's class.  I am a student
for life!  
Rose .Marie.P            Student                  Fairfax, VA                    October 2013
Hello Mrs. Meade,
I don't know if you remember me as I only took classes from you for just a few years, but I
wanted to thank you for providing me with an incredible artistic foundation. Since the day I
started taking classes with you, I aspired to excel as much as you in my career. That, and your
husband calling me "grandmama" because of my glasses, gave me a warm and inviting
environment to push my creativity.
I just graduated from the University of Mary Washington in December with a degree in studio art.
I wish I would have stuck in your classes for many more years because even at a young age,
you were willing to stretch my abilities. For that I can only thank you.
Kelly. F. Former Student  Fredericksburg VA 2015